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High School Fight Leads To Three Arrests (Video)

A California teen is facing major consequences after slamming his principal into the floor when the principal attempted to break up a fight.  

The attack, which occurred at Florin High School in Sacramento, California, on Oct. 26, can be witnessed in video footage of the event (shown below).

“I see the principal get flipped,” Dezhon Jackson, a junior, told KCRA. “I just see a whole lot of ruckus…a lot of people were just crowding over getting on tables and yelling to fight, encouraging it.”

After principal Don Ross was slammed to the floor, he quickly recovered and grabbed the teen. Ross held the teen until officers arrived.

A total of three students were arrested following the fight, according to Sacramento County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Tony Turnbull. Two of the students were charged with battery, and one has been accused of making threats toward classmates and law enforcement.

Two of the students arrested were 15 years old, and the other was 13 years old, the Sacramento Bee reports.

“There were three school officials who sustained minor injuries,” Xanthi Pinkerton, spokesperson for Elk Grove Unified School District, said.

“I do know one of the school officials, the principal, was involved in stabilizing the situation," she added.

The following day, many students reportedly did not attend classes, since a number of parents were concerned about safety at school.

Sources: Daily Mail, Sacramento Bee, KCRA

Photo Credit: Video Screenshot via Toronto Sun, Daily Mail


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