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Teen Asks Female Officer If He Can Stand Watch While She Pumps Gas

Following a recent "execution-style" attack on Deputy Darren Gotorth while he was pumping gas into his police car, police officers across the country have been on edge wondering if the same thing could happen to them. Luckily for Houston officer Tommi Jones-Kelley, she got some extra protection from a young stranger.

While pumping gas while on duty Friday morning, Jones-Kelley was startled by a young man standing directly behind her in the pouring rain. The teenager named McKinley Zoellner asked her if he could stand behind her and watch while she pumped gas.

Confused, Jones-Kelley asked, "why?" To which Zoellner replied, "To make sure you stay safe!"

Once she was finished pumping her gas, she followed the teen back to the car he was riding in and asked the woman driving if she was his mother. She said that she was and told the mother that her son was amazing for standing watch while she pumped gas. The proud mother told Jones-Kelley that her son just wanted to make sure nobody hurt her.

Jones-Kelley posted about the incident on her personal Facebook page and the post has been shared nearly 200,000 times.

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Sources: Mad World News, CNN

Photo Credit: Mad World News


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