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Teacher Suspended For Sleeping In Class (Photo)

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An elementary school teacher in Slaughter, Louisiana, was suspended on March 20 from her job after being pictured sleeping in class instead of teaching.

East Feliciana Superintendent Carlos Sam told WBRZ he placed Susie Smith on leave immediately after seeing the photo of her sitting back in a chair with her eyes closed in a deep sleep. 

"We immediately began an investigation, so I'm asking school administration and HR department to do a thorough investigation to see what the picture means," Sam said. 

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Sources told WBRZ that Smith was sleeping for a while before the picture was taken. 

"We have an obligation to make sure our kids are properly supervised, and if they aren't, then it's my job to make sure we put people in place that can do that kind of work," Sam said. "If those kids are not properly supervised, it puts us in harms way."

The incident came just days after another teacher in the same school district was suspended for slapping a student. Jaworski White was arrested after the incident and charged with assault.

Sam said that he believes his employees are, overall, hard working individuals who should not have their efforts diminished by teachers like Smith and Jaworski.

"I want to send a message that we can't come on the job and take a break of that nature, if that's what happened," Sam said. Smith's future with the district will be decided once the investigation is complete.

In a similar situation, three Florida teachers landed in hot water in February after one was caught sleeping during class, another threatened to crush a student's skull and a third interrupted a classroom to accuse a teacher and group of students of cheating in a contest.

The Sun Sentinel reported that disciplinary actions were sought against the teachers by Superintendent Robert Runcie after the incidents involving physical education teacher Stephen DeMatties, science teacher Charles Morgan and reading teacher Elaine Jaffe. 

Jaffe, in particular, reportedly had a history of problems -- including incidents of talking badly of her colleagues during meetings, according to a report from administrators. She also refused to report to the principal when instructed to. Jaffe was suspended for five days without pay for a previous incident involving the parents of a student.

The incident with Morgan occurred after he accidentally ran into a student while walking down a sidewalk. The student began yelling at him, prompting Morgan to threaten to crush his skull. He was suspended for three days without pay.

DeMatties was suspended for two days after being caught sleeping in class, and then being accused of checking his social media accounts on his smartphone during class just days later. 

Sources: WBRZ, Sun Sentinel / Photo credit: frwl/Wikimedia Commons

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