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Teacher Receives Brutally Honest Card From Student (Photos)

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A teacher got a stunningly honest note from a senior student at the end of the school year. 

The teacher’s husband posted a photo of the note to Reddit, explaining that it was a card given to his wife by one of the students she taught.

“Dear Mrs. Huff,” the card read. “No matter how rude or idiotic I’ve been, you’ve always put up with me and have continued to help me. I know I’ve been an assh*** and a mess the past two years, but it never seemed to bother you. I know that I’ve said some things to you that you’ll never forget, and not for good reasons. But just know that truthfully you’ll always be my favorite teacher.”

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“You talked to me and helped me to be better able to deal with issues. And always been generous and nice to me even when I was a jerk. I can’t thank you enough and I’ll miss you. #HuffNation”

The touching card quickly went viral after it was originally posted, garnering praise for the student for his honesty.

“I had a similar revelation my sophomore year of high school. When I was a freshman I was a total ass**** to my literature teacher and I ended up spending the first half of the school year practically living in ISS (in school suspension),” Redditor Missesxhopeless wrote. “I apologized my sophomore year and it surprised him to no end, lol. We're friends on Facebook and talk occasionally. Apparently we also share a lot of common interests which I thought was interesting.”

“I think a lot of seniors tend to become more reflective over the actions of their past because they realize they're moving beyond the realm of high school, and are tackling the real world for presumably the first time. This is definitely a very mature thing to do, because simple acknowledgment like this can exponentially better a person's day, and everyone knows teachers absolutely deserve it,” another, Kirosuka, added.

“Speaking from experience, I bet the student who wrote this also felt really proud of their actions and knew they had done some good. Solid move by this young adult.”

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

Photo Credit: Imgur, Wikimedia Commons


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