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Teacher Bitten By Baby Rattlesnake While Attempting To Protect Students

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An middle school teacher in Fountain Hills, Arizona, was bitten by a baby rattlesnake while trying to shield children from it.

Right before Fountain Hills Middle School started on Aug. 17, the teacher caught sight of a baby rattlesnake slithering close to the school cafeteria, Fox Carolina reported. 

In an effort to “protect the children,” she reportedly tried to shoo away the rattlesnake, but instead got a little too close. 

Known to “bite rapidly and repeatedly” when feeling threatened, the baby rattle bit the teacher’s thumb.

According to Colin Williams of the Rural Metro Fire Department, the teacher was immediately transported to a Scottsdale medical center for anti-venom treatment. 

Anyone who gets bitten by a rattlesnake is advised to follow these three steps:

  1. Elevate the bite mark to circulate poison. 
  2. Wash the bite with soap and water.
  3. Stay calm; there is a 25 percent chance there’s no poison in your system.

Victims should not:

  1. Suck out the venom.
  2. Pack the bite in ice.
  3. Try to kill the snake.

Fountain Hills Middle School has not released the name of the teacher, but school officials say she is expected to make a full recovery.

Because rattlesnakes are common in the area, the school administration plans to review emergency response protocols with all staff and students, the Arizona Daily Sun reported.

Sources: Fox Carolina,Arizona Daily Sun / Photo credit: Tom Spinker/Flickr


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