Taxi Driver Receives $1,000 Tip On $4 Fare


A taxi driver in Philadelphia was shocked when he received nearly $1,000 as a tip on a fare of only $4.31.

Reports say that driver Oumar Maiga of Freedom Taxi was stunned when he saw how much the customer was trying to leave him as a tip, and even though Maiga asked the man three times if he was sure he wanted to leave that much, the customer was insistent.

“I want to do this,” the customer reportedly told Maiga. “I know what I'm doing.”

The NY Daily News reports that the driver received the amazing tip last month when the customer hailed him and asked to be driven only a few blocks away. When the rider asked Maiga how he was doing, the driver admitted that he was having a rough night. The customer reportedly told him that he’d “take care of him” when they arrived at the destination, and sure enough, the customer came through in an unexpected way.

After receiving the generous tip, Maiga called dispatch at his company and asked what he should do. They wound up ensuring with the credit card company that the charge would go through, and that night, Maiga was $989.98 richer.

“He should know how much it impacted the driver," Freedom Taxi owner Everett Abitbol said. "Driving a cab is a tough job. Every once in a while when someone shows appreciation like this, it's a cool thing.

“I have a ton of drivers and they are all great guys, but Oumar especially always has a big smile on his face. It couldn't happen to anyone better,” Abitbol added. “I'm happy as hell for my driver.”

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Sources:NY Daily News, Freedom Taxi blog / Photo, News Works


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