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Target Shoppers Shocked After Pornographic Audio Plays In Store (Video)


Shoppers at a Target store in Campbell, California, were outraged when pornographic audio began playing over the store's public address system on Oct. 14 (video below). 

In a video of the incident, customer Gina Young can be heard expressing her disbelief over the situation while the sexually explicit audio, including sounds of a woman moaning, plays loudly over the store’s music system.

“This is not safe for work let alone all the small children in the store. People were up in arms,” Young wrote in a post alongside the video on Instagram. “Some people threw there things down and walked out. Others were yelling at employees. Lots of people taking videos. Crazy!!!”

Young noted employees spent several frantic minutes attempting to pick up and hang up phones throughout the store, before eventually turning off the store's sound system. It reportedly only solved the problem for a short period before the porn began playing again.

The audio played for roughly 15 minutes before the situation was rectified.

Watch the shocking incident below.

Sources: New York Post, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube


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