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Can You Guess How Old This Model Really Is? (Photos)

A Japanese model shocked the internet when fans learned how old she actually is.

Risa Hirako accumulated thousands of Instagram followers by posting her youthful selfies and modeling photos. When fans discovered how old the Tokyo-based model really is, they were shocked.

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According to her website and her Wikipedia page, Hirako is 45-years-old, but her fans are convinced she can't be more than half that age.

"Risa Hirako is 45 years old. Let that blow your mind this morning," one Twitter user wrote.

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"I can't believe she's 45 yrs old!! #WTF?" another user wrote.

Hirako was reportedly born on Feb. 14, 1971. According to Metro, she was married to Actor Yoshida Eisaku for 18 years before they divorced.

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Fans have speculated how Hirako can look so young, most chalking it up to good genes or her healthy diet. Some, however, refuse to believe she is as old as she claims to be.

Sources: Daily MailMetro / Photo Credit: Risa Hirako/Instagram via Daily Mail

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