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Richard Prince Protests Trump In Unusual Way (Photo)

Famous appropriation artist Richard Prince is protesting President-elect Donald Trump by calling an artwork bought by his daughter, Ivanka, "fake."

“This is not my work,” claimed Prince on Twitter Jan. 11, The Huffington Post reports. “I did not make it. I deny. I denounce. This [is] fake art.”

In reality, Prince did create the piece -- essentially a screenshot of an Instagram snap of Ivanka -- and sold it to her for $36,000.

Now, Prince is calling it a "fake" piece as a nod to Trump's frequent use of the word. He also claims he has given Ivanka her money back.

“Redacting Ivanka’s portrait was an honest choice between right and wrong," said Prince. "Right is art. Wrong is no art. The Trumps are no art.”

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“The Trumps left me no choice,” he added. "By refusing 2 acknowledge an artwork I sold them 2 years ago & returning the money is making them small again."

While he's not the first artist to distance himself from the Trumps, given the artist's history, the move sparked controversy.

Even those who usually support anti-Trump work admitted Prince's moral stance and gesture was ironic.

In 2016, Price was sued for allegedly stealing other people's work and selling it for tens of thousands of dollars, The Guardian reports.

It's something some might say Prince is proud of.

"I knew what I was stealing 30 years ago but it didn’t matter because no one cared, no one was paying any attention," said Prince in 2011.

Still, while some noted the irony, they're not completely opposed to his protest.

"We’re not sure this particular gesture holds much weight," writes Katherine Brooks for The Huffington Post, remarking on his past. "Nonetheless, it’s pretty amusing to see him appropriate the term “fake” for his own mad artist antics."

Others seem wholly against Prince's words.

"Fool," responded one Twitter user. "The Art speaks for itself no matter who possesses it or displays it. You spit on Art to score a small political point."

Still, others find his stance brave.

"Imagine if every artist did this....Bravo!" added another user.

Sources: The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Richard Prince/Twitter / Photo credit: Ivanka Trump/Instagram

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