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Taiwanese Woman Shocks Guests With Strippers At Husband's Funeral (Video)

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A Taiwanese woman received a lot of attention after she booked two strippers to dance at her husband’s funeral.

Family, friends and Internet users were left in shock when they witnessed two women dancing and sprawling across the coffin, the Mirror reports. The women gave three performances in thigh-high boots and lingerie, one of which included a dance to Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger.

The husband, Mr. Jian, had suffered a stroke before his death in April, and Mrs. Jian dedicated her life to attending him, according to Taiwanese news reports.

Mrs. Jian admitted that her husband had an eye for the ladies and decided that hiring strippers would honor his memory.

Though the choice seems like a strange one, Taiwanese funerals have a history of featuring strippers, since the trend became popular in the 1970s. The dancers are used to attract crowds, since Taiwanese tradition claims that the more people who attend a funeral the more honor the deceased is given.

“In traditional Chinese and contemporary Taiwanese culture this signifies that for an event to be fun or noteworthy it must be full of noise and crowds,” Marc Moskowitz, an anthropologist at the University of South Carolina, said.

Moskowitz noted that he began to appreciate the idea of celebrating someone’s life in this way after studying anthropology, since the party helps relieve some grief.

Sources: Mirror, The LAD Bible

Photo Credit: The LAD Bible


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