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'S****y Way To Ask Someone To Prom': Teen's Elaborate 'Promposal' Fails (Video)

A high school student decided to ask his girlfriend to prom in a unique way, but things did not quite go as he planned.

Daniel Pena, 18, spent hours planning the perfect “promposal” (prom proposal) and took his girlfriend, Alex, along on a car ride through a route with signs erected along the road.

Together the signs read: “Alex. Will. You. Marry. LOL Jk. Go To. Prom. With Me.”

However, as shown in the dash cam video (below), Pena’s plan quickly took an awkward turn after Alex missed the first sign with her name on it.

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At first, she fails to realize that her boyfriend was behind the stunt, and criticizes his meticulously planned out proposal, saying “That’s a really s****y way to ask someone to prom.”

But after connecting the dots, Alex finds out that the proposal was intended for her.

“I’m really sorry that I said that,” she says before bursting into tears.

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Don’t worry. After Pena consoles her off-camera, the couple reveals that Alex said yes.

“I couldn't read over half of the signs due to the environment and some people even ran over a few of them,’ Alex later explained, according to “I thought it was a bad way to ask someone because it wasn't correctly done, like he used flimsy poster board instead of like the foam poster board so thats why I couldn't read any of them.”

The actual proposal starts at the 1-minute, 58-second mark in the video below.

Sources: Daily Mail, AOL / Photo Credit: Daniel Pena/YouTube


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