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Subway Passenger's Racist Rant Goes Viral (Video)

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The moment a woman unleashed a racist rant on the Brooklyn subway was captured in a new viral video (below).

In the video, the blond woman can be seen jabbing her finger at a black passenger and using racist language. As she starts to shout and slur her words, other passengers jeer at her. At one point, she walks toward a man sitting alone and tries to kick him in the shin.

“She assaulted him first,” someone says. “She’s gone crazy.”

The woman then attempts to fight with the man filming her. She tells him not to film her, then threatens to send her to jail. Eventually, she sits back down and someone asks if her parents are proud of her.

The woman then jumps to her feet and says the man probably doesn’t even have his high school diploma. Following her insults, she travels down the carriage and disappears into the crowd of passengers.

According to LiveLeak, the incident occurred on a J Train in Brooklyn.

“This racist, disgruntled white woman became enraged without provocation,” the video description reads. “Hopefully she will be arrested for assault, harassment and hate crime.”

The video has since gone viral. 

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail

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