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Watch: Substitute Teacher, Student Square Off (Video)

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A conflict between a substitute teacher and an angry student quickly escalated from a tense argument to a shocking brawl.

Video (shown below) of the incident showed the student and the teacher exchanging heated words.

“What bothers you? Tell the truth,” the teacher said at the start of the video.

“Shut the f**k up,” the student responds. 

“What’s your name?” the teacher asks. “Are you a coward?”

“F**k you,” the student replies.

As the argument continues, their exchange becomes more and more heated.

“The prime example, right here, of how sad a person can sink,” the substitute says. “You are so sad.” 

The substitute then splashes water from a faucet on the student.

“Did that cool you down?” he asks.

“Did that cool you down?” the student responds.

“That’s all you can do is repeat me? You can’t have an original thought?” the teacher says. “Do you have a brain? She doesn’t have a brain. You’re a dumbass.”

The student then becomes outraged and throws paper at the subsitute, prompting him to reach over towards her and grab her. A brawl quickly ensues, with both the teacher and student hitting and smacking each other.

“Get out!” the teacher yells. “Take her outside. You struck a teacher. That’s an assault.”

“You hit me,” the student yells through tears as she leaves the room.

“You can end up in jail,” the substitute says as the video ends.

Response to the incident on Reddit was mixed, with some saying that the student caused the conflict to escalate by cursing at the teacher.

“She's a self-centered little brat who seriously needs to have someone very large and scary inform her that she isn't the center of the universe, and that if she doesn't shift her behavior soon her life is going to be spent in the ditch,” Redditor Osiris32 said.

“When I was in school (this was a decade ago this year) if you swore at the teacher you got detention or sent to the Principal's office. This is unbelievable,” DescendsTheBlade added.

Do you think the teacher handled the situation properly?

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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