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Students Reportedly Threaten And Bully High School Teacher (Video)

A video (below) appears to show high school students in Chicago bullying a female teacher and threatening to hit her with a desk.

Although it’s unclear who filmed the incident, Kollege Kidd reported the video was taken at Chicago Vocational High School, also known as Chicago Vocational Career Academy.

In the video, one student throws things at the teacher, referred to as Mrs. Cox, and tells her to “sit your a-- down.”

“What I say something I mean it. Now ask me what my name is again,” a student told the teacher, according to The Grio. He later picks up a desk and holds it over her head while she remains calm.

The teacher rebuked the student recording the video, saying, “Young lady I’m going to have to ask you to have a seat.”

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Sources: The Grio, Kollege Kidd / Photo credit: Screenshot via Kollege Kidd/YouTube


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