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Students, Parents Protest Transgender Bathrooms (Video)

Some students in Medford, Oregon, skipped school May 16 to protest the recent directive by the Obama administration that told public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of the sex that matches their gender identity (video below).

The students and some parents held signs in front of Hedrick Middle School, notes KTVL.

"Every day someone tries to hurt us or kill us," Cadilina DeVille, a transgender woman, told the protesters. "And it's such a simple thing. I've lived my life as a woman for years."

"I cannot have the same thing that a man does," DeVille added. "If you knew anything about the transgender community that we are so disturbed by our personal parts that we would never even think about looking at them."

"I feel like that they were more using it to their benefit of just kind of being perverts more rather than actually using it because they were uncomfortable with going into the bathroom of birth," Grace Milligan, a student, told the news station.

"They came home and one of our girls was crying and she didn't feel safe going into the girl's bathroom or locker room," Renee Molder, a parent, added.

"We don't want you guys in our bathrooms, period," one man told DeVille.

"I feel like at this age you're too young to understand what really transgender means, and too young to understand that you are transgender," Milligan said.

DeVille said that she knew that she was different (transgender) by sixth grade.

Dr. Ximena Lopez wrote an article for the American Academy of Pediatrics website in April in which she described diagnosing a 9-year-old female who had identified as male since age 2.

None of the parents or students described any unseemly incidents at the school on camera, but are planning to complain to the principal this week; it's not clear why they are waiting until after the protest to do so.

Medford School District spokesperson Natalie Hurd said there are gender neutral bathrooms for students to use in specific situations, but denied that boys are just being allowed into girls' facilities.

According to Hurd, the school district is studying the Obama administration's directive and comparing it to the school policy "to see if there's work that needs to be done, where that work needs to be done. We're having conversations with our administrators, with our school board and we're not going to rush this process."

Sources: KTVLAmerican Academy of Pediatrics / Photo credit: KTVL via YouTube

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