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Student's Shocking Homework Sparks Controversy (Photo)

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Student's Shocking Homework Sparks Controversy (Photo) Promo Image

A girl's shockingly inappropriate math homework went viral after her mother posted it online.

Kindra Sue Brandon took to Facebook to share a photo of the homework, explaining that it was her daughter's eigth-grade math assignment. On the assignment, several questions refer to Maya Angelou being sexually abused at the age of 8 and working as a pimp and prostitute.

The shocking post quickly went viral, with many expressing outrage over the fact that young students were being made to answer questions of an adult nature.

"What the world?? Why is it a story about s**t that she shouldn't be hearing beyond pi**ed and it's not even my child," one Facebook user wrote on Brandon's post.

Brandon later updated viewers on the situation in a comment on her post.

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"Just left the school. I met with the principal and vice principal. So...... The story is when she printed off that packet it did not show those questions on the preview packet. It printed the non-edited version. They are trying to do everything to correct the situation. They already confiscated all the packets this morning. I mean it could be an honest mistake. But what teacher doesn't go over the packets she hands out," she wrote.

Despite the backlash, some defended the wording on the assignment considering that it was historical information about an important figure in American history.

"The homework appears to be on maya angelou, award winning celebrated author who turned to writing as a way to overcome the horrendous sexual abuse she had been subjected to," one viewer commented. "You people are some f**king crybabies."

"Maya Angelou is a well known writer, she has pieces in the Smithsonian museum. This month is her birth month. All this is explaining what this woman went through in life, and still managed to accomplish what she did today. Its no different than explaining the holocaust to students and showing the graphic images of schindlers list in the classroom," another added.

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In a similar incident, a Wisconsin school issued an apology after an assignment asked fourth-grade students to list three good reasons for slavery as well as three bad ones.

Our Reedeemer Lutheran School in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, called the assignment offensive and apologized in a statement.

"Our Redeemer regrets deeply an unjustifiable assignment on slavery earlier this week," Principal Jim Van Dellen wrote in a statement to The Associated Press, the Chicago Tribune reported. The school, he added, works hard to "promote the human dignity of all people, and this assignment did not reflect our core values or practices."

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