Student Gives Unexpected Answer To Environmental Critical Thinking Test Question (Photo)


A student takes “critical thinking” to a new level by giving a teacher an unexpected, cheeky answer to a question about environmentalism.

Once again, students are answering questions in ways that are making the internet pause and think. In a problem solving question posted on Reddit, a student was asked: “Suppose you want to build a house on this land and still protect its natural resources. What could you do? How would it protect the natural resources?”

The child replied, “You can just forget about the house.”

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Under the original Reddit image, several debates have emerged to try to determine exactly what the question was trying to ask.

“What's the right answer here,” asked Redditor cpnHindsight. “To me, a house doesn't protect anything - you can only minimize its effect on the environment.”

The effects of construction on environmentalism have been researched for years. Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) have devised a method to determine the environmental impact of construction prior to digging the first hole, according to Science Daily. The team identified 37 environmental impacts and constructed an "environmental forecast indicator" for each factor, which enables the team to objectively measure their effects on the environment and determine them in advance.

Such research begs the question as to how was a child meant to adequately solve this problem. Numerous Redditors discussed the merits of such exam questions for lower elementary students, as well as possible answers to this particular problem.

“How the [expletive] is anyone supposed to fit an answer to that question in 3 lines,” asked Redditor LoveOfProfit “‘If I wanted to build a house on this land and still protect its natural resources’ WELP, OUT OF ROOM, GUESS I'M DONE.”

"The question is basically saying: "If you are building a house what decisions can you make to best protect the natural resources,' explained Redditor tghGaz. "So you might answer 'avoid cutting down trees' or 'build a tree house,' 'build a log cabin' or 'build it underground' or even better like this kid 'forget about the house.'"

Sources: Science Daily, Reddit / Photo credit: Reddit

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