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Student Gives Friend Amazing Gift After Getting Bullied For Shoes (Video)


A generous student was caught on video (below) gifting a pair of Nike sneakers to a classmate who had previously been bullied for his shoes.

“Here you go, I gave you a pair of shoes,” the kind-hearted boy says to his classmate as he approaches with a box of Nike LeBron sneakers. 

“Since you felt bad yesterday about how everyone was making fun of your shoes, there you go.”

The classmate hugs his friend in a moment of joy upon receiving the shoes.

“He came home so upset that the kids at school wouldn't stop picking on this kid for his shoes, he begged me to get him shoes. Begged. I could barely buy him shoes but I had extra money that week so we got him shoes and he brought them in for him the next day,” a woman claiming to be the generous boy’s mother wrote in a Facebook comment.

“When I started watching I hear my sons voice, I almost died. Lol he's a good kid my son. Proud of him. Happy someone got it on video.”

Watch the touching moment below.

Sources: Miguel Marquize Howell/Facebook, Complex / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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