Student Answers A Question Accurately, Gets Grade Deducted (Photo)


A student was reportedly penalized on a test for accurately answering a question instead of estimating. 

A photo of the test answer was posted to Reddit on Dec. 19, with many viewers criticizing the practice of “ballpark estimation” as opposed to accurate answers.

“Carole read 28 pages of a book on Monday and 103 pages on Tuesday,” the question read. “Is 75 pages a reasonable answer for how many more pages Carole read on Tuesday than on Monday? Explain your answer.”

“Yes 75 is a reasonable answer because 103 - 28 = 75,” the student wrote. Below the answer was a “-1” deduction, with the reason written beside it.

“Estimate,” the teacher wrote. “100 - 30 = 70.”

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Redditors explained in the comments that the point was deducted because of something called “ballpark estimation,” in which the preferred answer is a rounded explanation rather than an accurate number. 

“And if you asked your second grader to estimate 5+6 and he told you 11, would you say "no. wrong. i told you to estimate. youre not getting this. do it right.”?” one Redditor asked.

“It all depends on the directions provided on the worksheet that was given to him by his teacher. If she's asks for the ballpark estimation, then she gets it,” another Redditor responded. “When the worksheet simply says solve, he simply solves the problems.”

Do you think the student should’ve had a point deducted for giving an accurate answer rather than an estimation?

Sources: Reddit, Imgur / Photo credit: Flickr, Imgur

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