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Student Does Rap Video For Jimmy Fallon Internship (Video)

A Washington State University student applied for an internship at "The Tonight Show" by making a rap video (below) that included the host, Jimmy Fallon.

Jake Sirianni posted his video on YouTube on March 20, along with an explanation: "I recently applied for an internship at The Tonight Show. To enhance my shot, I rewrote Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics" about The Tonight Show, edited myself into the video, and performed it with Jimmy."

Sirianni used some video of Fallon from a 2014 broadcast in which actor Daniel Radcliffe rapped "Alphabet Aerobics," reports

Sirianni edited himself rapping in place of Radcliffe, while Fallon stands off to the side holding up letters of the alphabet.

Sirianni used the alphabet letters A to Z to list his qualifications for the internship. To make sure none of the lyrics were missed, he posted them at

A: Archives of Steve Allen all around the internet. If I want it physically I’ll grab a video cassette.

B: Studio 6B, with Jimmy Fallon next to me. Do you need an intern? Cause I’m gettin’ a degree in this.

C: Communication. NBC’s the station to view content creation from the Comcast corporation.

D: Here’s my declaration: dedicated, diligent, and driven Looking for an intern? Well I recommend you listen.

E: Cause editing’s my gift, entertainment is my craft. Put two and two together, and you got yourself some popular math…

F: ...Ematics. A charismatic Fallon Fanatic who’s not erratic but asthmatic.

The video ended with Fallon holding up two edited cards: "Hire" and "Jake."

Sirianni's video went viral and Fallon aired part of it on March 22, and sent the college student a message:

That's amazing. Jake, if you're watching, and you better be watching, the answer is yes. Pack your bags buddy! I'll see you this summer! I can't wait to meet you, man, get ready to work!

After his creative ploy worked exactly as he'd hoped, Sirianni told local station KREM: "It's really tough to put into words. Just to hear Jimmy Fallon say my name, I don't know how to express that."

According to Sirianni, a current intern for Fallon did an edited version of the show's opening and a song.

"I spent about 75 hours on the total project, it was a lot of late nights," Sirianni recalled.

Sirianni, who runs WSU's Cable 8 Productions, added: "It really does show that if you care about something and if you're passionate about something, hard work and patience does pay off."

Jake Sirianni's Video

Jimmy Fallon's Response

Sources:, KREMJake Sirianni/YouTube, / Photo credit: Jake Sirianni/Twitter

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