Strip Club Sign: 'Now Hiring Class Of 2016' (Video)


Some residents in Harrison, Michigan, are outraged over a local strip club that recently posted a notice on a big sign in front of the establishment about wanting to hire recent female graduates (video below).

A sign outside Miceli’s Corner says: "Now Hiring Class Of 2016."

"If you're a graduate you want to go to college," Lisa Mulholland, a local resident, told WNEM.

However, some young women actually pay for college by stripping and other types of employment in the adult entertainment industry.

"You don't want them showing their [censored]," Mulholland added.

"Children fresh out of high school shouldn't be going up and taking their clothes off for money," Lisa Dickerson, another resident, added. "I think it's sickening."

"They're good people, but I still don't think it's right," Mulholland opined. "I don't think it's right at all."

After WNEM aired its story, Miceli's Corner said in a statement: "In no way were we trying to offend anybody. The sign was simply a joke."

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) released a study April 21 that found unemployment rates for young high school graduates was at 17.9 percent. When broken down by race, black grads were at 28.4 percent, and whites came in at 14.6 percent.

Senior economist Elise Gould said in an EPI press release: "The job market is improving but many young graduates are still suffering. What’s more, it’s important to realize that most young workers do not have a college degree. We have to do more to improve the availability—and the quality—of jobs for young high school graduates."

The report also found that wages for young high school and college grads (adjusted for inflation) are close to the same or less than the wages earned by the same age group in 2000.

"The labor market has clearly improved for the class of 2016," Teresa Kroege, a research assistant, added. "But when you look under the hood, there’s continued weakness for women, people of color, and workers without a college degree."

Sources: WNEM, Economic Policy Institute / Photo Credit: WNEM via YouTube

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