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'Let's Make Him Feel Loved': Strangers, Celebrities Help Make 12-Year-Old Boy's Birthday Special

A Canadian teen with Asperger’s syndrome was disappointed when none of his peers responded about coming to his 13th birthday party, but after his mother created an event on Facebook to get some fellow moms to show up in support, the viral plea brought in loads of strangers who were inspired by the teen’s story.

Odin Camus sent birthday party invitations to 15 friends at school, but sadly, none of them responded. Frustrated and heartbroken for her 13-year-old son, Odin’s mom Melissa Camus decided to post on Facebook in the hopes that some of her friends would help make his day special.

“Unfortunately, not one kid rsvp’d to his birthday ‘hang out’ invite,” Melissa wrote on Facebook, according to The Star. “Let’s make him feel loved.”

Melissa’s honest Facebook post quickly went viral, and when the teen showed up at a local bowling alley expecting nothing special, hundreds of people were there waiting for him.

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“Wow, it’s amazing to know how much people care,” Odin said upon arriving at the bowling alley. “It makes me feel amazing. I got a taste of what celebrities feel like.”

In addition to hundreds of people showing up to support him, the 13-year-old received thousands of text messages from people all over wishing him a happy birthday. Celebrities like Elijah Wood, Justin Trudeau, and the Property Brothers tweeted out messages of support, and two different major sports teams invited him to games. Odin also received an enormous amount of gifts from complete strangers and was even driven around in a limo for the day.

“It’s awesome, it’s incredible, it’s overwhelming,” an emotional Melissa said. “I mean look at this: so many people here just to wish him happy birthday.”

“Honestly, Odin and I have been pretty much crying all day,” Melissa admitted. “People are here because everyone knows a kid who struggles to fit in. You don’t have to be bummed out — no matter how down you feel, there’s always someone there. Always.”

While Odin may be bullied at school, 6-year-old Austin Levesque spoke to The Star and put it all into perspective for him.

“He has more friends than he thinks he has," Austin said.

Sources: The Inquisitr, The Star / Photo Sources: The Inquisitr, The Star


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