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Strangers Clear Park Snow So Elderly Man May Reach Wife's Memorial (Video)

An elderly man is able to deliver daisies to his deceased wife’s memorial bench in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, thanks to the kindness of strangers who shovel the park’s walkway for him.

Bud Caldwell’s wife, Betty, died a few years ago, and he had a park bench memorial set up for her near the home they shared together.

His wife loved the song “Daisy a Day,” and so Caldwell takes daisies to her memorial bench each day and sings the song. They were married for 55 years.

The snow that covered the park’s walkway made it impossible for Caldwell to reach the bench — and two city workers noticed.

Jerrod Ebert and Kevin Schultz were sitting in their parked car earlier this year when they saw Caldwell walking through a snow-covered park to reach the bench.

The sight mystified them.

“For most people, it’s a path to nowhere,” Ebert told CBS Evening News. “It’s a path to somewhere for one person.”

Ebert and Schultz soon realized what Caldwell was trying to do in the snow-covered park.

"It took us both back a little bit thinking, my gosh, his devotion is that strong that he still comes when he can't make it to the bench even," said Ebert.

Ebert and Schultz decided they needed to help Caldwell reach his wife’s bench, and they shoveled the walkway.

They have continued to do so for the past two months.

The kindness took Caldwell by surprise.

“One day I pulled up there and there’s the walk shoveled,” he said. “My knees about buckled on me.”

For Ebert and Schultz, they view their act as just doing their job.

“We were just doing what we felt was our job,” Ebert said. “Some intuition, be it divine or otherwise says this is why you’re here — to help one another.”

"See, you tomorrow, munchkin," Caldwell reportedly said as he walked away from the bench. "Love you. Always did. Always will."

Source: CBS Evening News / Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube


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