Stranger Stands Up For Woman Being Berated By Her Boyfriend On New York Subway (Video)


A man defended a woman he reportedly did not know while she was being bullied by another man believed be her boyfriend on a New York City subway (video below).

A video of the incident was uploaded to LiveLeak on Dec. 27 and had already been viewed more than 45,000 times by the next day. According to the original poster, the incident occurred on Dec. 26 on the Fulton Street Line in Brooklyn.

The video opens with a man wearing a beanie, a brown jacket and baggy pants and mumbling about his girlfriend, who he calls a “f------ h--.” 

The video cuts off but resumes when a man in a black suit jacket stands up and angrily confronts the boyfriend.

“That’s all you can do, talk?” the stranger asks in the girlfriend’s defense.

The man in the black jacket shouts obscenities at the man, telling him, “I’ll bury your a--!” and, “Get the f--- out of here.” 

Passengers try to calm both men down, but the boyfriend carries on and continues to yell expletives at the man defending his girlfriend.

As the yelling gets more heated, the man defending the stranger tells the boyfriend, “Touch me, n-----, and you’re dead by tomorrow!” 

The boyfriend eventually reaches his stop and gets off, while the stranger orders him not to show his face on that train again.

Watch the video of the intense incident below.

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Sources: LiveLeakDaily MailYouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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