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Stranger Pays Grocery Bill For Wisconsin Mother Of Four


A Wisconsin mother of four was stunned when a stranger paid for her groceries on Oct. 8.

Angela Schoepke, of Wausau, Wisconsin, says she visits Trig’s grocery store often but has never experienced anything like what happened that day, WAOW reports.

“As we were checking out, the person in front of us kind of stepped to the side,” she told WAOW. “My son was saying hi to him and talking and laughing."

What happened next, Schoepke said, came as a complete shock.

“He came over and said, 'You know, you have a beautiful family,' and I said, 'Thank you,' and he was like, 'I would really love if I could buy you your groceries,'” she said.

Schoepke declined the man's offer, but he insisted. 

“'You have kids, and they're amazing,' and he said, 'Just take them out and buy them something nice,'” she said.

The man then paid the nearly $100 bill. 

Schoepke thanked him, and he walked away. 

“It puts everything into perspective,” Schoepke said, adding that she learned the importance of paying it forward. “You know, something so little you can do for someone, even if it's just buying groceries."

Schoepke’s story came just a few months after a similar act of kindness in Cincinnati, Ohio, in July, when two church pastors visited a local supermarket and paid for people’s groceries, Inquisitr reported.

Sources: WAOWInquisitr / Photo credit: WAOW


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