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Stewardess Pulls Emergency Slide, Leaves Plane (Video)

United Airlines flight attendant Julia Price pulled an emergency slide and exited the aircraft for reasons unknown in Houston on April 4 (video below).

Price was subsequently fired by United for the incident, which happened at Bush Intercontinental Airport, notes KPRC 2.

The wacky incident happened after Flight 1246 touched down in Houston from Sacramento, California. The plane had come to a stop when Price activated the slide, tossed her bag out of the plane and slid down the chute.

Price picked up her bag and walked off.

Price's family told the news channel that the (public) incident was a private family matter.

There was an unrelated medical emergency on the plane, and many passengers didn't know Price had taken the easy way out.

An unidentified male passenger had breathing problems, and was taken off the plane in a wheelchair.

“I can’t see any criminal wrong doing on a local state or federal level that this flight attendant might have engaged in," Brian Wice, a legal analyst for KPRC 2, opined.

"She didn’t act to put herself, the flight crew or any of those passengers on that United plane at risk,” Wice added.

United Airlines said in a statement on the incident: “We hold our employees to the highest standards. This unsafe behavior is unacceptable and does not represent the more than 20,000 flight attendants who ensure the safety of our customers. We are reviewing this matter and the flight attendant is no longer employed by United.”

According to KABC, the aircraft was taken out of service while a new slide was installed. The plane was subsequently placed back in service.

A similar incident happened in 2010 when JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater abruptly quit after a passenger allegedly accidentally hit him with luggage, told him to "f--- off" and refused to apologize, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Slater reportedly got on the plane's PA system, cursed at the passengers, activated the plane’s emergency slide and took off at John F. Kennedy airport in New York City.

Sources: KPRC 2, KABCThe Wall Street Journal / Photo Credit: KPRC 2 via YouTube

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