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Steve Harvey Left Speechless After Contestant's Shocking 'Family Feud' Answer (Video)

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"Family Feud" host Steve Harvey was left speechless after a contestant gave a shocking answer, in the video below, to a simple question. 

“Tell me the last thing you put your finger in,” Harvey asks Kevin, the contestant.

With his family next to him, Kevin smiles and hesitates for a moment before looking over at his wife and revealing his answer.

“My wife, Steve,” he says. Shocked, Harvey stands with his mouth wide open — left completely speechless by the clever answer. 

“That’s a good answer,” his wife says. 

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Harvey goes on to reveal that Kevin’s answer was not on the board, but still applauded him for his humor. “I’ve had a lot of good answers,” Harvey says. “That’s my favorite answer of all time.”

Watch the hilarious moment below. 

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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