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'Shame On You': Restaurant Customer Outraged After Waitress Allegedly Wears Dead Cop Costume


An Ohio woman was reportedly outraged when she came across a waitress at a Steak ’N Shake restaurant dressed as a dead police officer.

On Oct. 31, Christal Smith took to Facebook to voice her concern over the costume, writing about the incident on Steak ’N Shake’s official page, BizPac Review reports.

“My husband, myself and our family were eating at your restaurant this Halloween evening. My husband, who is a police officer, was in uniform, just off of a 14 hour shift. As we sat there, we saw something VERY disturbing,” Smith wrote.

“One of your female servers was dressed in a SWAT/police uniform with a bullet hole painted on her forehead. We were appalled," the post continued. "It’s one thing to dress up for the occasion, but this was disgusting; especially in a restaurant full of children! With the number of police officers that are killed every day, I am stunned that the manager herself allowed this, and then defended it when we expressed our concerns.

"EVERYONE we know will know about this, and we will do everything in our power to encourage our family and friends from eating at your establishment ever again. Shame on you Steak ’N Shake!”

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Steak ’N Shake manager Paul defended the employee’s costume, insisting that she was dressed as a zombie. Now, he said, the waitress is scared to come in to work.

“The little girl is scared to come to work,” he told BizPac Review. “She was dressed as a zombie. There may have been something on the costume that said police but it was clearly a zombie.”

Despite the explanation, many took the social media to slam the restaurant for allowing the costume to be worn. 

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No photos of the costume have been shared as of yet.

The waitress wasn't the only one to offend people on Halloween.

A group of college students in Louisville, Kentucky, sparked controversy when they dressed in stereotypical Mexican costumes for Halloween, the Associated Press reports.

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