What's That Mark On Trump's Birthday Card From Melania? (Photos)

What's that mark on President Donald Trump's birthday card?

The U.S. president turned 71 on June 15, but the card he received from first lady Melania Trump is turning heads for one tiny reason.

On Twitter, Mrs. Trump posted a photo of the card, which has "Happy Birthday Mr. President" written in calligraphy under an embossed golden presidential seal.

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But upon closer examination, Motherboard's contributing editor, Sarah Jeong, found a stain on the card.

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"What is thaaat," Jeong tweeted on her own page.

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People had all kinds of bizarre theories about the blotch's origins.

"Maybe that's what boogers look like when you spray-tan too much," one person responded.

The spray tan stain theory was a popular one.

"A misery teardrop... after running down a spray tanned face," said another.

In reference to past allegations that President Trump has tiny hands, one person theorized that the mark was "her husband's thumb print," while another edited the photo to guess at what Trump's infamous "covfefe" tweet was referring to:

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People also speculated that the mark was "a single golden tear," "a stain upon the presidency" and a "microdot communicating to Russians, obviously."

Whatever the mark's origin, whether sinister or completely harmless, more than 44,000 people liked Mrs. Trump's sentiment, and more than 7,000 people retweeted it, as of June 15.

"Melania we love you," one person responded to her tweet. "Take care of the [president of the United States]. We know you will because you're simply the best."

Many others wished President Trump a happy birthday and expressed their support for him and their appreciation for the first lady.

"We love our first family," said another. "We pray for you every day! Thank you so much for all you do."

The president's birthday came just a couple of days after Mrs. Trump and their son, 11-year-old Barron, officially moved into the White House after living in their New York City penthouse while Barron completed the school year, notes CNN.

Since entering the new residence, Mrs. Trump has reportedly recruited a number of people, including her communications director Stephanie Grisham, chief of staff Lindsay Reynolds and social secretary Rickie Niceta to help her create plans to become more active of a presence on the national front and enact policy similar to what her predecessors have done.

"We look forward to unveiling initiatives in the coming weeks," Grisham said on June 12, according to CNN.

Source: Melania Trump/Twitter, Sarah Jeong/Twitter / Photo Credit: U.S. Army Sgt. Kalie Jones/Wikimedia CommonsDarth/Twitter

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