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St. Louis Coffee Shop Angers Customers With Offensive Anti-Police Message Written On Cups

A customer at a St. Louis coffee shop was shocked when he saw the offensive message written on his cup.

The alleged incident occurred at MoKaBe’s Coffeehouse in St. Louis. Several people complained about having “FTP” written on their to-go coffee cups, which reportedly stands for “f*** the police,” reports Mad World News.

The phrase angered many customers. When customers complained to management, the owners of the coffee shop said they were aware of the issue and were looking into it.

MoKaBe’s wrote about the incident on Twitter: “We are aware of the situation involving an employee writing on our cups. We are addressing the situation.”

In a follow-up tweet, the company said the employee responsible is on “paid leave pending an investiagation.” It said it takes cup graffiti “as seriously as the police take murder.”

As expected, people were still upset after the response. Customers announced plans to boycott and protest MoKaBe’s. Poor reviews of the coffee shop were also left in an attempt to drive away business.

The incident comes following a similar occurrence in which a Dunkin Donuts employee in Rhode Island reportedly wrote “Black Lives Matter” on a coffee cup given to a police officer.

Sources: Mad World News, Biz Pac Review / Photo credit: Mad World News


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