Squirrel Was Near Death Before He Became Part Of Family In Finland (Photos/Video)

A family in Finland adopted and raised an injured baby red squirrel they found on the side of the road.

The animal wouldn’t have survived if Reddit user Priami and his family hadn’t nursed him back to health.

At first, the user’s grandmother thought the squirrel was a goner, but when he showed signs of being alive, the woman tried to move him off the road, according to Bored Panda.

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The family decided to release him back into the wild, but the little critter had formed an unlikely bond with them, so they kept him and named him Arttu, the Finnish version of Arthur.

“When it seemed like he had recovered, we tried to release him back to the wild, but he fell from a tree and hit a rock,” Priami wrote.

The user’s family realized Arttu would never be able to survive in the wild due to blindness in one eye, so they decided to raise him themselves.

The little squirrel became very domesticated.

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Arttu was so attached to the family that he would always come back in the house after he was done playing outside.

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“We were very surprised at how ‘tame’ he became,” Priami wrote. “He liked to have playful ‘fights’ with our hands (you know, like cats do) and he was smart enough not to bite too hard. He also liked to take naps in our pockets. He even recognized his ‘family’ and became very wary if there was strangers nearby.”

Check out a video of Arttu exploring Priami’s brother’s room a few days after the squirrel was found.

Unfortunately, Arttu passed away in 2013 after living with the family for six years. They made a grave for him in the garden and left out food for other squirrels after he died.

Sources: Daily MirrorBored Panda / Photo Credit: Priami/Reddit/Imgur, Pr1A/YouTube


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