Spring Breaker Thinks It’d Be Fun To Climb Up Flag Pole, Learns Valuable Lesson

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Spring break is a time when college students go buck wild. Because they feel they have no responsibilities and are free to do whatever they want, they go to party destinations and utterly lose themselves in a flood of alcohol, drugs, and good times. With so many people densely packed together with high blood-alcohol levels, things are necessarily going to get out of hand.

That’s exactly what happened when a bikini-clad initiate tried to impress her male peers when she climbed up a fraternity flagpole. Her name is Haylee Hoefgen, and her escapades were all caught on camera. She was with her friends as she risked life and limb to climb the fraternity flagpole, likely in a state of embarrassing inebriation, while on spring break in South Padre Island in Texas.


Haylee is a pre-med student at the University of Kansas and hopes to one day be in charge of your medical health or even your lifesaving surgeries. But this moment of folly, she hopes, does not reflect poorly on her future choices.

However, as Haley climbs the flag pole, she doesn’t get very far, because seconds later, the entire pole comes crashing to the ground and Haley falls into the waiting crowd below.

Haylee Hoefgen has quickly become known as the “Flag Pole Girl,” a nickname that will probably follow her around for years.


Although Haylee exhibited great strength climbing the pole without any supports, the fraternity did not install it correctly or safely, and it was unable to bear the weight of the petite student.

After she came crashing down to the ground, Flag Pole Girl talked to the news media about the incident – which she survived without any serious injuries.

“There were already girls bigger than me trying to climb the pole and making it five feet off the ground,” she told KVEO. “As soon as it happened, I stood back up and said, ‘let’s go harder.’”


The pre-med student was left with a few bruises and scratches after she fell from the flagpole heights. Fortunately, she was able to “go harder” and keep up the partying for the rest of her spring break.

The incident occurred on the sand of Clayton’s Beach Bar and Grill, which has a reputation for attracting people like Flag Pole Girl.

Since becoming an internet sensation, Haylee “Flag Pole Girl” Hoefgen has attracted a lot of attention to herself. People on Daily Mail shared their reactions to her fall.


“She will always be remembered as the girl who was laid by a big white pole.”

“Oops! She is stunning though.”

“This story pics and videos just makes me happy for some reason.”

Some viewers questioned her ability to become a doctor.


“Pre-med? She needs medical assistance (and mental).”

“Way to go pre-med student! Parents must be proud!”

Although Haylee’s fall was caught on video, most college students and young people, in general, make similar bad choices in life. What about you? Did you ever do something that earned you a name like Flag Pole Girl?

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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