Sports Anchor Calmly Leaves Show, Wife In Labor (Video)


Scott Rude, an anchor on Sports 120, calmly walked off the live-streaming Web channel after he received a text from his wife who was in labor at a hospital on March 21 (video below).

"She's now just getting an epidural, and I'm gonna head out," Rude told his two co-hosts.

After his co-workers joked that he should also get an epidural, Rude calmly read from his cellphone, "Just got IVs, getting an epidural, need you here now."

An epidural is when a painkiller is injected into epidural area of a woman's spinal cord to give immediate relief. However, the painkiller is a low enough amount (yet close to the nerves) that it usually doesn't cause side effects for the unborn baby.

"I don't know, should I just walk off set?" Rude asked his co-hosts.

They congratulated Rude and shook his hand as he stood up from his chair.

Rude cracked a joke about having twins and then paused to carry his chair off the set.

"We'll Skype in from the hospital," one of the co-hosts told Rude as he started to walk off, but stopped.

"Hopefully it happens before we go off at two o'clock," Rude stated.

"OK, just go," the co-host advised.

"This is a great time to run stop signs and red lights," the other co-host joked. "This is the only time you can do this in your life."

Rude later tweeted a picture of himself with his wife and the caption: "Thanks to my @120Sports colleagues for supporting a walk off (no bat flip) live in studio to make it in time."

A few hours later, Rude tweeted a picture of himself, his wife and newborn baby with the caption: "Edith (Edie) Joanne Rude was born 5:37am CT on 3/22/16 at 7 lbs, 10 oz and 20.5 inches. Edie and Maggie are healthy!"

Sources: 120 Sports, Twitter (2) / Photo credit: Sports 120 via YouTube

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