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Special Education Teacher Suspended Over Profane Tweets About Ferguson, Royals Fans

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A special education teacher in Hazelwood, Missouri, was suspended for tweeting profane statements about Ferguson protesters as well as fans of MLB team Kansas City Royals.

Hazelwood Central High School teacher Stacy Brixey took to Twitter — via her handle @sports_chick1 — on Aug. 10 to complain about protesters blocking rush hour traffic, saying the traffic delayed someone who was scheduled to fix her broken cellphone screen. The tweet included the hashtag “#teamrunthemallover.”

Later that night, Brixey used the account to blast Royals fans for cheering player Johnny Cueto, who became known for his role in a 2010 on-field brawl with a St. Louis Cardinals catcher. The catcher was forced to retire due to injuries sustained in the fight with Cueto. The tweet reportedly contained several expletives.

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Following the posts, several of Brixey’s followers replied to voice their objection to her language and behavior on the social media site.

“I’ll pray that you can show kindness to your enemies. You don’t need to be a potty mouth. Love your enemy. #Royals” one user wrote. The teacher reportedly responded by using profanity towards the user. 

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“Hey @sports_chick1,” another replied, “I’ve just emailed the superintendent of your school district (Dr. Ingrid Clark-Jackson) with screencaps. Enjoy.”

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According to a Special School District of St. Louis County spokesperson, a concerned resident contacted officials about the tweets that led to her suspension. Brixey’s account was later made private, and her profile photo was deleted.

Sources: Fox 2 Now, St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Photo credit: Twitter via Fox 2 Now


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