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Southwest Airlines Wants Bride To Purchase Ticket For Her Wedding Dress

Southwest Airlines is reportedly requiring a bride to purchase a separate plane ticket for her wedding dress, or stuff it away as a carry-on item.

Anthony Zeoli, a Chicago lawyer who plans to get married on a cruise ship in Florida in December, told Uproxx he contacted Southwest about the dress on Nov. 24.

Zeoli says the airline told him he could fold the wedding dress up and put it in an overhead compartment or under his seat, or buy another ticket for the dress.

Zeoli doesn't want to fold the dress up and hope there's enough room to stow it away.

“All I’m asking for is space in the coat closet,” Zeoli stated. “That’s it. Is that unreasonable?”

Southwest has not issued a comment, but the Transportation Security Administration noted in 2012:

"We strongly advise brides to contact their airline to ask about taking their wedding dress on the plane. While some aircraft have closets in first class that can hold the dress, others may not, which could cause challenges in storing the dress above the seat.

"Airlines will also count the dress as a carry-on item, so be sure to learn about your airline’s carry-on policies to avoid having to check any items at the gate."

Sources: Uproxx, TSA / Photo Credit: David Ball/Wikimedia

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