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Southwest Airlines: 'Unruly' Passenger Kicked Off Plane (Video)

An unidentified male passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Chicago was removed from the plane on May 29 (video below).

Before the flight took off, the man ran back on the aircraft and was zip-tied to an airline seat until police came to the scene. A cell phone video caught a Southwest employee restraining the passenger, notes WBBM.

Rick Alonzo, a passenger, recalled the incident to the news station: "He was already boarded, and he went into the bathroom, and they just told us they were trying to get him out of the bathroom, and they took him off the plane. Next thing you know, he tried to fight his way back on, and that’s when the Southwest guys came and got him."

Molly O’Malle, another passenger, added: "He was violently getting back on the plane, like pushing people, so one of the guards tackled him in front of my feet. He was acting very inappropriate."

According to passengers, one flight attendant got hurt during the confrontation and did not continue the flight to Chicago, which arrived at Midway International Airport about an hour late.

Alyssa Bergamini, a passenger, stated: "The crew did handle it in a [respectful] way, but it was very scary, and as someone who does fly often, I felt unsafe at first, but at the end of it, they figured it out."

Southwest Airlines said in a statement that the "unruly" passenger appeared to be drunk:

A Southwest Passenger who appeared to be intoxicated was asked to deplane flight 3630 before departing Las Vegas McCarran International Airport for Chicago Midway Airport. The Passenger became unruly and our Employees utilized their training to manage the situation until local law enforcement could assist with removing the passenger from the flight.

Southwest Airlines has robust training programs and procedures to ensure Employees are cognizant of both the regulatory requirements and Safety concerns surrounding unruly passengers.

Our Employees are trained to deny boarding to Passengers who appear to be intoxicated, as well as to address Passengers who become unruly and/or create a disturbance in flight. Our number one priority is the Safety and Security of our Customers and Employees.

Facebook users weighed in on the incident on WBBM's page:

Man. What is wrong with people? So weird flying nowadays.

It's like every other flight some nut job does this.

It's not news anymore. Just another person acting the fool.

I'm so tired of this bulls***. People wonder why folks get dragged off of planes. This douche needs his a** kicked.

It's all the evil airline's fault!

Sources: WBBM, WBBM/Facebook / Photo credit: BriYYZ/Flickr

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