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Southern Gentleman Swoops Woman Battling Cancer Off Her Feet At Houston Music Concert

A man at a concert in Houston showed the world what makes a “true southern gentleman.” It happened at a Brad Paisley concert in Houston, where a man gained the respect and applause of many people, including his wife.

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Thomas Harwell, 39, did something remarkably beautiful by helping to carry a woman all the way to her seat. The woman was said to be unable to walk as she suffered from cancer. Thomas offered to help the woman to her seat at the Houston livestock show and Rodeo that was held on March 16th.

Thomas also repeated the same gesture when it was time to eventually leave. He made it through the frenzy and the crowd to finish the good that he had begun. The beautiful picture of this event was taken by Thomas’s wife, Shayla Harwell.

It didn’t take long before her Facebook post became a viral sensation as many people commended Thomas's act of kindness.

It was further learned that Thomas and his wife were waiting for the concert in the large area when they noticed the old woman. She was said to be having a "rough time" finding a seat.

Turns out that Shayla noticed the woman and pointed her out to Thomas. She recounts that her husband swung to action immediately after he’d noticed that the old woman needed help. In her own words, “I pointed them out to Thomas and said they may need help,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

According to ABC Houston, the old woman in question had recently suffered from a stroke. It was further learned that she’d battled cancer for a while too.

The old woman was accompanied by another adult and two kids. One can only imagine the relief that they felt when Thomas walked towards them to ask for their permission to help out. He walked the woman down the steps and carried her after the show.

Shayla shared a detailed experience on her facebook profile, stating how proud she was.

“He made me so proud,” she wrote in one of her many posts.

Her post has been shared a little less than 2,000 times. Most commended her husband’s efforts and showered him with praise.

Overwhelmed by the response that they got online, the couple hopes to set a great example for their 2-year old daughter, Savannah.

Sources: Yahoo / Photo Credit: Shayla Harwell

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