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'We Really Appreciate You': Mom Thanks S.C. Trooper Who Helped Her Autistic Son

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A South Carolina Highway Patrolman went above and beyond to calm an autistic boy during a highway breakdown.

Charvia Watkis said she was with her son, Jeriah, on Sept. 11 when they broke down on a highway in Beaufort, South Carolina, WSAV News reported. Highway Patrolman Adam Klimek responded, causing Jeriah, who has autism, to become stressed and worried that they were in trouble.

“He was having a tough time with the traffic that was going by him, at one point he even had to put on ear muffs to drown out the sound that was irritating him,” Klimek told WSAV.

To help ease Jeriah's anxiety, Klimek invited the boy and his mother to sit in his air-conditioned patrol car.

“Officer Klimek found ways to occupy him while I was trying to make phone calls to find out how long it was going to be for the tow truck to come and it was hard for me to concentrate on that and tend to Jeriah at the same time,” Watkis said. 

“I knew that he was having problems, so when I invited them back to my car, we talked about his interests and one of his interests was playing on his ipad actually, I asked him what do you like to do on your ipad, and he said watch Netflix, so I knew right then,” Klimek said.

“I got my computer out, logged into my Netflix and had him choose his own movie to watch while we waited for the tow truck," he continued. "He chose ‘Curious George’ one of his favorites.”

Klimek said he doesn’t feel that he went above and beyond, but rather treated the pair like he would hope his family would be treated in the same situation.

Watkis, however, said she’ll never forget the kind gesture.

“I just want to tell him thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts, and we really appreciate you,” she said. 

Sources: WBTW, Mad World News

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