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S.C. Man Gets Hotel Room For Homeless Stranger He Met At An ATM

A South Carolina man’s Facebook post about an incredibly generous gesture is going viral.

Antione Pugh, 24, lives in the small town of Dalzell, near Sumter, South Carolina. He says that he likes to spend his spare time “making funny Facebook videos” and trying to help people he comes across in his daily life, according to WISTV. He is certainly doing a great job of the latter.

Pugh posted on Facebook about an encounter he had with a homeless man in the early hours of the morning of Nov. 15. 

In his post, he wrote that he woke up at 4:10 a.m. and decided to go out to get something to eat. When he stopped by the Wells Fargo ATM to get some cash out, he noticed a man standing inside.

“I usually don’t go in with somebody standing in like that even though I have my conceal weapons permit,” he wrote in the post. “At first I instantly started judging thinking he would harm me.” 

However, this turned out to be far from the truth. Pugh wrote that a quick transaction at the ATM turned into a 10-minute conversation with the stranger about how he became homeless, among other things.

When the homeless man said how cold it was and how “he would do anything to have a bed again,” Pugh knew he wanted to do something nice for the man.

Pugh decided to pay for a hotel room for the homeless stranger for two nights.

“He didn’t ask for it but I knew he was thankful because he never asked for any money from me,” Pugh wrote in the post. “Sometimes you are put in situations to help someone if you can do it.” 

The post has been shared and commented on hundreds of times and has received over 7,000 "likes" on Facebook.

“This is what we need in life,” one commenter wrote. “People like you that care for our fellow brothers and sisters.”

Pugh told WISTV that he wasn't sure what happened to the homeless man after his stay at the hotel, since they unfortunately hadn't kept in touch.

See Antione Pugh's full Facebook post below.

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Sources: WISTV, Antione Pugh/Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook

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