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'I Thought It Still Works': Son Gives His Mom The Perfect Card After Finding Out About Cheating Father

An upset son zinged his two-timing dad and consoled his mom all at the same time recently. The son, who we know only as Ryan, used a gift card from the terminally ill section to do so.

Ryan found out recently that his dad is cheating on his mom. In an effort to provide some encouragement to her, he headed to the store looking for an uplifting card. None of the cards from the “Relationships” or “Thinking About You” sections seemed fitting, so Ryan made the curious decision to check out the “Terminally Ill” section. Surprisingly, he found a fit there. 

“I found this in the terminally ill section, but I thought it still works,” Ryan wrote at the end of the card. “Sorry dad’s an asshole. —Ryan.”

Ryan, better known as reddit user Citrous-Oyster, posted a picture of the full card and message online. Here it is:

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Sources: Imgur, Elite Daily / Photo Credit: Imgur, WikiCommons


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