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Notorious Portland Street Preacher Assaulted At Protest (Photo)


On Jan. 29, some 600 protesters gathered at Portland International Airport to oppose an executive order signed by President Donald Trump on Jan. 27 blocking refugees and immigrations from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the US. The protest sparked its own counter-protest, and soon, the scene turned violent.

According to The Oregonian, Grant Chisholm, a street preacher, and three other members of the Bible Believers group, gathered to counter the executive order protesters.

In a video published to the Women For Trump Movement Facebook page, Chisholm is involved in a shouting match with the protesters until he is seen being hit and subsequently falling to the ground.

"They almost killed me tonight," Chisholm told The Oregonian. He claims that he was hit three times in the head with something metallic; however, neither the video nor independent reports verify the allegation.

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Since the Jan. 29 incident, video has surfaced revealing that Chisholm had gone to a Spanish-speaking Catholic church earlier in the day and shouted down parishioners there.

"Jesus Christ is going to come back and judge every single one of you," a member of Bible Believers shouts at the parishioners. "You're in there talking about peace; you're in there talking about unity. There is no unity within the body of Christ. ... You're not the true Christians."

"We're preachers," Chisholm told The Oregonian in a phone interview. "We use horns. We yell. I absolutely believe that God discriminates and not everyone is going to heaven. That's why God made lists."

“Do I believe that God has the capability of hating? Absolutely,” Chisholm told The Daily Beast in 2013.

In response to his protests against against strip clubs, homosexuals, and other accused sinners, Chisholm said: "There’s been times when I wanted to just sing to them, or give them popcorn, or do whatever. ... But I’ve converted more people just by ripping them to the core. I love to put my finger in people’s faces and just judge ‘em.”

Sources: The Oregonian, The Daily Beast / Photo credit: The OregonianWomen For Trump Movement/Facebook via Daily Mail

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