Mom Arrested For Child Abuse Video (Video)


Colorado police arrested a mother on May 18 after a video of her allegedly abusing a child went viral (video below).

In the YouTube video, the mother curses at and screams at her child while he sobs.

“He’s going to f***ing die is what’s going to happen, b**ch,” screams the mother at the crying child.

It gets to a point where even the family dogs start barking loudly in response to the chaos.

While it cannot be confirmed, at one point what sounds like a slap or a punch can be heard as the child begins to scream in pain.

Viewers were shocked by the footage and reported it to authorities and the media.

"I think you guys should cover this story and help the little boy in this video -- he's being abused by his mother for losing her charger to her cellphone. She's threatening to kill him and you can hear him screaming horribly," wrote one user to KDVR.

The audience also encouraged others to report it to officials.

“I reported this! this is not acceptable. if i were anyone else on here commenting.... report it! i dont understand how people can just sit back and watch this over and over! i will report this many times if i have to! please stand up for this child! CLICK ON HERE TO LET ME KNOW YOU STOOD UP FOR THIS CHILD! TEARS ROLLING DOWN MY FACE,” said a YouTube user.

Since then, authorities have launched an investigation and taken the child away from his mother. She is forbidden from contacting him and is being held on a $3,000 bond.

The woman who took the 16-minute video of Katrina Kennedy, 27, reportedly attacking her 2-year-old son has also been charged with child abuse, KDVR reports.

However, the unidentified lady who filmed the incident claims she could not walk or move and feels guilty she could not intervene. Still, she will be due in court July 18.

Yet there are those who feel the woman who took the video should be given more leniency, with some believing she purposefully filmed it to report it.

“Everyone blaming the lady for recording it should be glad she did. I agree she should've done more but if she would've just called social services there’s a HUGE chance nothing would've been done,” said one YouTube user.

Warning: The video below contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.

Sources: Denver Colorado/YouTubeKDVR(2) / Photo credit: Denver Colorado/YouTube

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