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Chicago Police Buy Shoes For Homeless Man

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Some warming news out of Chicago as police officers there bought shoes for a homeless man who had worn the soles off his pair.  

WBBM reports that a pair of Norridge police officers were called to a bus shelter, where a homeless man was sitting beneath a bunch of blankets. The man claimed he wanted to board a bus, but was refused entry because he didn’t have any shoes. 

The officers then looked at the homeless man and saw shoes with no soles on them. So they decided to do a good deed and buy the man a pair of boots.  The officers went to Payless and picked out a pair of boots for the man.  They paid $60.00 

The officers claim the man expressed his appreciation by shaking their hands and telling them he would now go try to find a job. 

Unbeknownst to them, the officers were photographed while doing their good deed, but they refused to be acknowledged for it, preferring instead to remain anonymous.  

Reddit users were quick to comment, with one user writing, “The fact that they asked to remain anonymous. This wasn't one of them "record me playing basketball with these black kids" type moments. It was a genuine gesture and that's not always the case.” 

Another added, “That's what I like about this too. All good deeds should be done without praise or publicity. Just do it cause it's right. Very inspiring.”

Sources: WBBM, Reddit / Photo credit: WBBM

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