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Boy Helps Elderly Woman Mow Her Lawn (Photos)

A 14-year-old boy has touched hearts after helping an 80-year-old woman mow her lawn.

Victor Fiorillo, the 80-year-old woman's neighbor, wrote a community email asking for help after seeing the woman cutting her lawn with scissors, WTFX reports via WAGA.

"Anyone have a kid with a lawnmower who wants to make a little cash today?" Fiorillo's Aug. 29 email reads. "When I left my house today, I saw the elderly woman on the block cutting her lawn with scissors.”

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A neighbor named Mary Allen saw the email, and immediately thought of Noble Brigham, the honors student in ninth grade who lives across the street.

When Allen told Noble about the woman, he unhesitatingly took up the opportunity to help.

“So I mowed the lawn," said Noble. "And I had some trouble on the hill. And the mower died a couple times because the grass was very high."

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The elderly woman, who had been struggling with her lawn after her servicemen did not show up, was incredibly grateful. She offered Noble $20 for his help, but he refused.

“She tried to pay me, and I said that I didn’t want the money, that I was just doing a neighborly thing," explained Noble.

Noble's mother said she was proud.

“It made me feel very proud that he didn’t even think twice about it," she said.

While Noble is surprised by the attention, he said he understands why it's warming people's hearts.

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“I guess with all of the bad news right now with the shootings and everything, the whole political mess, it's refreshing to have some nice wholesome news," the ninth-grader intelligently remarked.

Noble is not the only boy to capture national attention for his generosity, WBNS reports.

An 11-year-old boy in Ohio touched many in July when he mowed disadvantaged neighbors' lawns for free.

“I feel good about helping people out that really can't help themselves,” Quenten McGee said.

His local police department and mayor honored the boy for his deeds.

“We need more people like that and more kids that understand it,” local resident and two-time cancer survivor Betty Dix said.

Sources: WTXF via WAGAWBNS / Photo Credit: WAGA

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