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Son Has Lawyer Dad Sign Hilarious Contract Before Conversation (Photo)

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A lawyer posted a photo on Reddit of a handwritten contract, penned by his son after he told his father he wanted to talk about something.

"I am a lawyer, my son told me he had to tell me something, but first wanted me to sign this," the father wrote alongside a photo of the contract. Mirroring his father, the boy made sure his father knew that he wouldn't legally be allowed to "get mad" about the subject of their conversation.

"Any word or terms used you cannot get mad about," the son wrote in the contract.

"So, how did you weasel out of this contract? It is certainly ironclad," Redditor Shlucks sarcastically wrote. 

"Simple: he is not promising to not get mad, but rather is promising simply to not get mad about the 'words or terms used.' He can still get mad about the events described by those words or terms. Yes, I'm a lawyer," Erik816 added.

Check out the hilarious note below.

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Sources: Reddit, Imgur

Photo Credit: Imgur


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