'Technically Correct' Test Answer Goes Viral (Photo)


On Reddit, a student reportedly gave a "technically correct" answer to a test that has the internet talking.

Whether a student actually wrote this as a part of an exam or a bored teacher is looking for a few minutes of Internet fame is unknown, but a Reddit photo captioned “One of them finally cracked the code” has sparked much discussion throughout social media.

The photo was posted by redditor Blahson. A month ago, this user posted a similar photo entitled "This is why I teach," which was about another clever exam response allegedly given by one of his students. In his most recent image, which has been viewed more than one million times, a bonus question on a test asked which country owns Greenland. A "hint" was provided: It's not Greenland.

So, the alleged student answered, “Not Greenland.”

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Many comments, including those given by teachers, have remarked on the cleverness of the answer.

"Teacher here," wrote user CreepyStickGuy. "I'd give that points too.”

"I would also give extra credit for severe cleverness on examinations," wrote thebearfromstartrack. "Never witnessed any though (used to be a grader in undergrad).”

"There is a problem that I assign in Griffith's Introduction to Electrodynamics that is labeled, ‘For masochists only.’” Wrote Brianlane723. "Some of my students figured out that they could write, ‘I am not a masochist,’ on their homework and receive full credit for the problem."

Other comments recalled moments in which they gave honest, “technically correct” answers.

“I once had a history teacher ask me, ‘can you tell me in what year did <something, I honestly can't remember> took place?’" AltogetherAndrews said. “I answered, ‘no, and that's the correct answer to your question.’”

"Technically correct is the best kind of correct," said infinitepaul.

"When I'm annoyed at someone, I answer the question I'm asked, not the one they want answered," AltogetherAndrews continued. “’Do you know what time it is?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Well, are you going to tell me?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘When?’ ‘When you ask me 'what time is it?'"

Others feel the question was just poorly answered.

“[Expletive], if I could have just said, 'Well the wrong answer is <blank>' and get points, I would have graduated Magna Cum Laude,” said PillowTalk420.

Sources: Reddit, [2] / Photo credit: The Scandinavian Society of Nova Scotia

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