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Here's What Malia Obama Thinks Of Her Dog's Attack (Photos)


People across the internet were outraged after it was revealed that Malia Obama thought it was funny that her dog bit a friend on her face.

The first daughter was seen in a Snapchat photo taken by the victim of the bite, seemingly smiling at the situation. In a caption on the photo, the girl revealed that Malia "thinks it's funny."

In another photo, the girl wrote that she "f***ing" hates Sunny, the Obama family's Portugese water dog who bit her after she attempted to give the dog a hug and kiss.

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Another photo showed the friend being stitched up by the president's physician, The Sun reported. The 18-year-old was upset that the wound on her face will most likely leave a small scar.

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President Barack Obama previously revealed in an interview with People magazine that Sunny's behavior is sometimes questionable.

"So Sunny is a wonderful dog," he said. "But there have been times where she just decided that the area near the Lincoln Bedroom and my office – at the other end of the hall from her crate – is included in being outside when it comes to pooping, which is not true. It’s still the inside. She didn’t always understand that."

The president said that Sunny is even aware that her owners often become frustrated by her actions.

"She knows that she’s doing something wrong because she’ll run and sneak [past me]," he said. "Sometimes I’ll be in my office, and I’m doing my work and I’ll see this like scurrying – and I got to get up and run before she does her thing, because if I’m too late then there’s a little gift that she leaves."

In 2013, Sunny reportedly knocked over a 2-year-old girl who was attending a military family Christmas party at the White House.

The victim of the dog bite remained anonymous after the incident occurred. Malia graduated from high school last spring and is currently taking a gap year before she starts college at Harvard.

The Obamas have two dogs, both Portuguese water dogs. The family's first dog, Bo, entered the scene after Barack's successful 2008 election.

Sources: The Sun, People / Photo credit: White House via The Sun

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