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You Could Have A Quarter That's Worth Thousands (Photos)

Although it's true, most quarters are simply worth 25 cents, there are exceptions to that rule and, if you keep a sharp eye out, you might just find a very valuable coin in your pocket one day. 

According to Snopes, Woman's World reported about a very rare quarter that was listed on eBay for the staggering price of $35,000. The listing is still active and its seller, coin expert Mike Byers, says it is a one-of-a-kind.

The quarter in question is a 1970 proof quarter minted in San Francisco. What makes this particular quarter different from all other quarters? Well the first thing that separates it from the regular change is that it is a proof quarter. Regular quarters are struck once; proof quarters are struck twice and therefore have a particularly shiny surface, almost mirror-like.

The second difference is what really separates this quarter from every other coin that's ever been struck.

If you look very closely (and it's highlighted in the pictures below) you can see that this isn't just one coin, it's actually two.

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This particular 1970 quarter was somehow minted in error on an already existing 1941 Canadian silver quarter. Take a second and study the pictures. You'll see the faint outline of a second head behind Washington's, and on the other side, the date, 1941, is still barely visible beneath the word "dollar."

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According to Byers via Snopes, the coin was obtained after he purchased a bulk lot at auction by the State of California. The coin was contained in an unclaimed safety deposit box along with several other San Francisco proof error quarters, though the quarter in question is unique in its existence.

Strangely enough, it's an actual certified proof, despite the fact that no one can confirm how a 1970 U.S. coin was minted atop a 1941 Canadian coin. 

But here's the kicker -- proof coins never make it into circulation. They're not supposed to, at least. A proof coin is struck twice to give particular detail to the features of the coin, a chance for the minters to check their work every once in awhile. Most proof coins are kept separate. A coin like this, a mistake among mistakes, is going to be even more difficult to find.

There are lots of rare coins out there, and lots of chances to strike it rich through coin collecting. Inspect every coin you come across because the next one could be your payday. If you're interested in buying one but $35,000 is a little too rich for your blood, there are cheaper 1970 proof quarters available on eBay, reports the Daily Mail. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Snopes, eBay / Photo credit: Mike Byers via eBay, Snopes, Daily Mail

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