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Soldier Reunited With Dog After Seven Months In Afghanistan (Video)


Heartwarming video footage captured the amazing moment that a soldier was reunited with his beloved dog after being in Afghanistan for seven months.

Crestview, Florida-based sergeant, Paul DiPaolo, 29, had just been picked up by his wife at an Army base, when she told him to wait in the garage while she snuck inside and got a camera. April DiPaolo, 27, said she wanted to film their dog’s reaction to her husband’s return. As DiPaolo walked through the door, their beloved pet, Simba, began going wild.

“I got him excited, asking, ‘Is it daddy?’” she said. “He was going crazy.”

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April said Simba was “depressed” and “confused” when her husband left, but the two pals would often Skype while DiPaolo was away.

Another reunion, not caught on camera, occurred between DiPaolo and his 1-year-old son. Now, the entire family is back together.

The amazing reunion was filmed last June, but was just recently posted online. “I just never uploaded it, I didn’t think it would get the attention that it did,” April said.

Watch the emotional reunion below.

Sources: Daily Mail, Today / Photo Credit:


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