Social Experiment Shows What Happens When Kids Find Gun On Playground (Video)


A shocking social experiment done at a playground showed the disturbing reality about how kids react when they come in contact with a gun (video below). 

The experiment, done by YouTube star JoeySalads, showed children playing on a playground while a prop gun was seen lying nearby.

In the video, several children spot the gun and proceed to pick it up. One child is even heard saying “shoot it.”

Near the end of the video, one toddler picks up the gun and runs over to his mother with the weapon in hand.

“What is that?” the boy’s mother asks. “You’re not supposed to play with this. Do you know what this is?”

While the worried mother attempts to tell her son about the dangers of guns, the toddler continuously tries to take it from her hands.

“It’s very, very dangerous,” she says. “You shouldn’t pick it up.”

Watch the social experiment below.

Sources: Metro, YouTube

Photo Credit: metro.co.uk, YouTube Screenshot


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